Q: Will I get support with my selected courses or services?

A: Yes, you will be able to email any questions or queries relating to the course or services, any matrix relating issues, payments or registration questions etc, by submitting a ticket from your backoffice.

Q: What are the methods of funding?

A: Currently methods of funding are Credit/Debit card, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Paypal, and Stripe. Further methods being added shortly.

Q: Do I need to pay the monthly service subscription every month?

A: Yes, in order to use the service and related tools, you need to pay the monthly fee otherwise you lose access to the services and your position in the matrix and related income is forfeited. To keep your automatic active position in the matrix you need to own at least 1 Course and 1 Service. Keep in mind, that your income earnings can well exceed your monthly membership

Q: Can I cancel my subcription and join later?

A: Yes you can cancel anytime, but please note once you cancel your subscription you lose your postion in the matrix, and if you decide to join again it will not be the same position.

Q: Do I have to refer anyone in the matrix?

A: You do not need to refer anyone to the matrix in order to earn income from members who fall into your network.  As part of the monthly subscription you will automatically be placed in an active position in the 3 x 10 matrix system, and if you do recommend anyone then it will be more lucrative for you. Please see additional ways to earn by visiting the Matrix Income Page.

Q: Can I have more that one position in the matrix?

A: No, you may have only one position per person. Family members within your household may have their own position. If it is found that a member is deliberately stacking accounts, it is grounds for removal from the matrix.

Q: How often can I withdraw?

A: Whenever your balance reaches £50, you may request a withdrawal. Withdrawals are done every week.