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About FX Academy Pro

FX Academy Pro is a Forex training platform teaching people all over the world. For many years Forex was something that not many people heard of and the average person didn’t have the opportunity to learn this skill for life. However in the recent years thanks to technology and social media, lots of people have been made aware of this phenomenon.

Our aim is to teach anyone who has the desire to develop a skill that can change their own personal economy through our courses, earn whilst they learn through our Trade Marker service and at the same time earn hands free if they wish through our Pamm Trading Service.

Now with FX Academy Pro no matter what part of the world you are in, whether you are in the UK, the United States, Middle East, India, Bangladesh or any part of the sub-continent you can now use our platform for step-by-step guidance on how to trade.

Why Learn To Trade Forex?

Forex is a way to make money. Even in times of crisis, Forex is not affected unlike banks and other financial institutions. Forex always trades, so you can continously reap the gains.

Foreign Exchange is the World’s largest and most active market. It operates every day except the weekends, and its volume reaches up to $5 trillion a day.

It provides flexible affordable guidance so you can learn at your own convenience. All you need to learn how to start making money with Forex, is a computer or a smartphone, and an Internet connection.

Our Guidance Course:

FX Academy Pro Beginner’s Course will guide you step-by-step through the world of Forex. You will know exactly how to trade online and develop a new skill to carry with you for a lifetime.

You will have life-time access to simple to understand instruction videos. Go at your own pace, and develop the knowledge to implement your new skill.


Our Forex Pamm Trading Service let’s you take advantage of hands-free trading. To earn while you learn, set this up and let the proprietary service trade for you. We are thrilled to be able to offer you this exclusive service. Trading AUTOMATION at it’s best!

Our Trade Marker Service allows you to get the same trades as our traders where you can simply copy and paste

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Simple easy step by step online training

Evergreen Growth Market

Be a part of a Trillion Dollar per day industry, one of the largest sector’s of finance in the world

Hands Free Trading

Course members have exclusive access to our Pamm Trading Service where traders place the trades for you in your own Brokers Pamm account, hands free! You simply earn

Trade Marker

Our Trade Marker service allows our students to earn whilst they are in training so we will provide the following:

Daily Trade Marker which is a chart analysis  plan provided directly to our telegram group, teaching when to open and close trades depending on the market.

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