Pamm Trading Service

Our Pamm Trading Service allows for you to let traders make trades for you completely hands free while you are learning. In this way, you still have the benefits of profiting from Forex.


  • Let traders trade for you through the Pamm Service
  • One-time setup.
  • FOREX traders work exclusively for FX Academy
  • Expert traders with 50+ years combined experience.
  • Proprietary trading strategy.
  • Comprehensive risk management.
  • Your funds are directly held with the broker.
  • You always have FULL access to your assets.
  • No withdrawal restrictions.
  • No lock-in contracts.

FX Academy Pro is enabling people to apply the knowledge that has only been available to bankers and brokers in the past.

This provides an opportunity to create extra income in an easy and affordable manner and creates a way for you to leave your traditional way of earning, so that you can have flexibility and ownership over your own life.

We look forward to teaching you the skills that will greatly enhance your life now and forever!

FX Academy Pro students receive the best training and support in their trading journey, however we understand that many students would like to earn while they are completing their training, hence our Pamm Trading Service and Trade Marker Service is the perfect vehicle to increase your income.

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