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21 Courses Included – See summary of each below!

Facebook Monetization

  • How to monetize with Facebook groups
  • Learn to make money using Facebook
  • Get a better understanding of the Facebook Algorithm

Email Mastery

  • Learn the basics of email marketing
  • Learn how to run effective and successful email marketing campaigns
  • Be able to strategize & understand how to create amazing email swipes

Facebook Mastery

  • Learn how to effectively use Facebook
  • Learn how to optimize Facebook for your business
  • Learn how to use a mouse recorder

Product Creation Success

  • Learn how to create effective and amazing products
  • Grasp the ins and outs of internet marketing
  • How to effectively market your products online


  • Learn how to retarget various types marketing campaigns
  • Learn all about what retargeting is and why it’s MASSIVE
  • How to increase engagement within all fields of social media

Webinar Mastery

  • Master Webinar creation
  • Why do Webinars?
  • Learn how to create great sales pitches with Webinars

Squeeze Page

  • What is squeeze page?
  • How to create and manage your own squeeze page
  • How you can use this blueprint to drive traffic and sales

YouTube Mastery

  • Master YouTube marketing
  • Take advantage of YouTube’s SEO tools
  • How to increase the results you get from your YouTube videos

Hootsuite Social Media Management

  • Mastering social media management using the Hootsuite management tool
  • Effectively using social media management
  • Automate and maintain Hootsuite

Social Media Hacks

  • Access to the best social media hacks to effectively help your marketing
  • What crucial mistakes to avoid in social media marketing (Important)
  • Various social media platforms and how to use each of their tools effectively

Zero Cost Traffic Tactics

  • Learn how to garner traffic without spending a single penny!
  • Know the most effective ways of using zero cost traffic
  • Which sites provide zero cost traffic!

Search Ads Art

  • Effectively use Google Adwords for any business, product or service
  • How to run effective Google Adwords campaigns
  • Use the correct keywords in your Adwords campaign for maximum power

Facebook Funnel Mastery

  • Master Facebook ad campaign creation
  • How to effectively use the Instafunnels landing page/ web page builder
  • The easiest way to drive traffic to your landing pages through facebook ads

5 Step Product Launch Formula

  • How the product launch formula works
  • Use this formula to effectively launch a new product to the online market anytime
  • Use the latest tools to get traffic and sales

Get Your First 1,000 Customers

  • How to use facebook to find a large audience of people in your niche
  • How to massively increase your social media presence on Facebook
  • What to do to get your first 1000 customers and drive traffic to your products

Marketing Masterclass

  • Learn about Google Adsense and how to use it effectively for your websites
  • How to make money from Adsense
  • How to strategically make money with no risk

Facebook Bootcamp™

  • How to create effective landing pages while using facebook ads to drive traffic
  • How to create cost effective facebook campaigns to drive new traffic
  • Master making money with tools that create custom audiences!

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